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Blaauwklippen Before & After


During November 2009, Rolf Zeitvogel entered the Cellar after an exhausting day in the office checking up on the red noble late harvest, as well as the brandy that was patiently ageing away as he always does. It is here where he got his inspiration of creating edgy new products. After experimenting with various flavours, Rolf was blown away by the aromas in the Aperitif, reminiscent of his German grandmother’s Black Forest Kitchen during the Festive Season. He bottled some as Christmas Gifts for colleagues, family and special friends and was surprised by the positive reaction received. Rolf knew he was onto a winner, but he also realized that this is a drink to be enjoyed year round and that calling it Christmas Liqueur, might hamper sales. The quest was on for the perfect name and when he was trying to explain to a friend how versatile this product is, “Before and After” was born!


A sensuous flavour fusion of Cinnamon and Christmas spice create the backbone of this sophisticated brandy fortified aperitif.

Preparation of Wine

A masterful blend of wood matured red Nobel Late Harvest and Blaauwklippen Potstill Brandy.

Enjoy the Blaauwklippen B&A neat or on the rocks as a classic before and after dinner drink or use it as an ingredient in cocktails and special food dishes!




ASARA Estate presents a wine that is enlivened by the unexpected! Their new White Cabernet is a one of a kind creation, specifically made to celebrate the launch of the new Asara Wine Estate & Hotel. A white wine made from red grapes, it will capture your imagination with its unique aromas and flavours. The taste is elegant and reminds of deciduous fruits like pears and peach.

The grapes were harvested early to provide a crisp and green character to the wine. After this step it underwent a top secret procedure that created the first South African White Cabernet!!

With certain characteristics that remind of a good German Riesling, this wine will pair excellently with spicy foods, like a Prawn Bisque Cappuccino J, a coconut milk Thai Green Curry or alongside a traditional Caesar Salad.  This wine will also go particularly well with South African style braaied Snoek with creamy potato bake!

This beautiful intriguing wine sells at around R60.00 –











Recently our Blue Bottle Liquor stores received new wines from Flagstone Wines, more than a food wine. We sampled and enjoyed Dragon Tree – Cabernet/Shiraz/Pinotage 2008 and thought you might too!

Varietalswine bottle

32% Cabernet Sauvignon
27% Shiraz
25% Pinotage
8% Merlot
4% Cab Franc
4% Touriga Nacional / Tinta Barocca / Barbera

The Wine

There is a mixture of rich dark fruit, cigar-box and mint aroma’s with the wood well balanced. Sweet and spicy undertones gives this wine great depth. This wine is well balanced on the palate showing fresh and crisp acidity. The middle palate shows an explosion of fruit leaving a lingering aftertaste.

Food Pairing

Dragon Tree’s tannin structure makes pairing this wine a fortuitous adventure, you’ll be amazed at what Dragon Tree does to food, it’s quite incredible. For the tentative here are some of our favorite pairings, for the enterprising, your palate is your playground.

♦ Smoked impala carpaccio served with a roast beetroot, strawberry, watercress and balsamic salad
♦ Sumac and coriander seed spiced lamb cutlets with a roast walnut and herb tabbouleh, served with grilled aubergine and a minted yoghurt dressing ♦ Seared tuna with pak choi in a sesame-soy dressing
♦ Traditional bobotie with yellow rice, mango chutney and a tomato salad
♦ Crispy roast duck with a citrus-plum sauce, served with a watercress and orange salad We enjoyed our bottle with a Roasted tomato and Bacon Pasta sprinkled with chopped basil and hint of parmesan cheese. Together with a rocket salad and grilled ciabata.


Moment Pairing

This wine is bound to make any camping trip more memorable than any other, with a fire rustling in the background and the dim sounds of the beetles crackling on, there is only one wine that can truly make the moment perfect. On the other hand Dragon Tree is also the best accompaniment to your favourite Sushi restaurant for that special dinner that is so long overdue.


saladThe wine takes its name from a Dragon Tree (Genus: Dracaena) given to the Port Captain of Cape Town, by a passing ship’s captain over 100 years ago, which grew above what used to be our barrel maturation cellar in the tunnel at the V&A Waterfront. The winery moved to Somerset West in 2002. Before this tunnel was cut and the breakwater established to protect vessels from the devastating north-westerly wind, competition for prime berths in the dock was unscrupulous. Among savvy Ship’s Captains at the time it was known that an exotic plant gifted to the powerful Cape Town Harbour Master would ensure a well positioned berth: hence the presence of this ancient species of tree. Originally from the Canary Islands this tree has blood red sap, with known medicinal usage. Legend tells of a wicked Dragon who sat at the Pillars of Hercules and blasted ships with lashings of fire as they sailed past. Eventually she was mortally wounded by some forgotten hero and flew forlornly off to sea to die. Only where her blood landed on earth (on a few remote islands and around the edge of Mediterranean) do Dragon Trees grow. We hope that you venture out to taste Dragon Tree and enjoy it as much as we did!

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