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How to get to Fish Hoek
From the AIRPORT by car:- 
On leaving the airport follow the signs for N2 and CAPETOWN. Proceed WEST along the N2 until you see signs for MUIZENBERG (M3)
Turn off at the M3 and head SOUTH until the freeway ends.
You now have a choice of the mountain pass along the OU KAAPSE WEG(M64) or the coastal  route. 
Turn RIGHT for the Ou Kaapse Weg  and follow the road over the Silvermine Mountain to Fish Hoek.
For the COASTAL ROUTE  turn LEFT off the Freeway Ramp and  Proceed along STEENBERG ROAD (M42) taking the RIGHT lane. At the traffic lights turn RIGHT into MAIN ROAD (M4) and head for 1 km SOUTH towards MUIZENBERG. From this point routes to FISH HOEK are clearly signposted.
You now have two options. The scenic route along BOYES DRIVE (M75) skirts Muizenberg Mountain and brings you down into KALK BAY. There are spectacular views of both Muizenberg beach and Kalk Bay Harbour.
The alternative MAIN ROAD (M4) route takes you through Muizenberg, St James and Kalk Bay however at certain times of the day traffic can be heavy.
FISH HOEK is the next town SOUTH of KALK BAY on the M4 (MAIN ROAD)

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