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Jager's Walk  - a pleasant path linking Fishhoek beach to Sunny Cove, Jager's Walk runs over the rocks to the south of the bay along the railway line. The longer coastal walk will take you to Simonstown and beyond ...


    Ou Wa Pad  (Old Wagon Path) 

    90 mins round trip (Light)

    This is an old mountain pass that follows and is accessible from the Ou Kaapse Weg. There is some excellent mountain scenery and the walk is a good introduction to the fynbos biome.

    Drive up the Ou Kaapse Weg to the Noordhoek estate of San Michel. Immediately to the north of the estate is a small entrance that marks the Ou Wa Pad. with parking for 3 or 4 cars.

    The path stretches across the mountain from San Michel to the Silvermine Nature Reserve.It is not strenuous and affords some woinderful views of the Fish Hoek Valley to the East. 

    Silvermine River Waterfalls 

    the Waterfall in the Silvermine River

    A pleasant light walk of 75 mins round trip.

    Drive along the Ou Kaapse Weg until you near the crest of the pass.Opposite the Silvermine Nature Reserve entrance and on the southern side is a smaller car park (which costs R5 per car). Leave your car here and walk through reclaimed fynbos to a gravel path that leads around the mountain to the east. After 20 minutes you will seethe Silvermine River and a pleasant falls (which is accessible along a steep but well-defined path).

    You can also walk along the top of the falls but they are not as visible from the higher path. Nevertheless you can also follow this path right round to Noordhoek, Fish Hoek and Clovelly for a longer or even a circular walk.

    Dogs are welcome on this walk which is heavily used for this purpose by locals.

    Elsies Peak

    2 hours (Moderate)


    This walk takes you up to the radio mast on top of Elsies Peak.

    (The mountain gets its name from the Rooiels Trees Cunonia capensis L.  Butterspoon Tree (English); Rooiels (Afrikaans); umLulama (Zulu) Family: CUNONIACEAE )


    Walk to (or park in) the Car Park adjacent to the Garden of Remembrance on Kommetjie Road and then climb the steps up to the open mountain. The walk is steep in places but the path is well-defined throughout. Once on the mountain stunning views of Fish Hoek and the surrounds are afforded. You can choose a steeper or easier climb at various stages by sticking to the major path or diverging onto lesser (steeper). Ultimately you will crest the mountain below the mast which gives panoramic views of Glencairn and Simonstown to the  South or False Bay up to Strand and beyond to the North.

    Be aware of puffadders basking on the stones. If you see one give it a wide berth it is likely more afraid of you that you it. (see venemous snakes)



    A short walk of 60 mins round trip.

    Drive up the Glencairn Expressway to the top of the pass. On the Southern Side is a small car park and a gravel track that leads over the mountain to the Atlantic side. Here you get spectacular views of the Noordhoek Valley and the wetlands towards Kommetjie. Dogs must be on lead..

    NB The path leads to the Solole Game Reserve which is private property and where a notice states "all dogs will be shot." 

    Peers Cave 
    (from the Ou Kaapse Weg) 

    You can approach this shorter walk from both Fish Hoek and the Ou Kaapse Weg, the latter being preferred for ease of access.  Additonally the walk up the dunes from Fish Hoek is very overgrown. 
    This walk takes you to Peers Cave which is a renowned discovery site for early man in the area. 
    Duration: 20 mins to Peers Cave.(& 20 mins return). 
    Status: easy at the start but some rock scrambling once you get to the cliffs along a poorly-defined path. 
    Access:Drive up the Ou Kaapse Weg from Sun Valley heading towards Capetown. At the crest of the hill and on a bend immediately before the San Michel Estate. Noordhoek you will see an off-road car park to the right.

    the view towards Kommetjie from the Tunnel Cave.

    looking towards San Michel, Noordhoek to the north west.

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